What is Upholstery leather?

Upholstery hides are chrome tanned. That makes the leather remain supple and receptive to color. Upholstery leather is strong and durable and with proper leather care, it will remain beautiful for many years.
Upholstery leather hides have many different finishes. The most common are: Smooth finish, Pull up, Embossed, Full aniline leather.

Pull up is a type of leather that has wax on top usualy added for protection. When you strech this leather, the wax gives to the hide an antiqued effect.

Embossed leather is stamped or rolled leather. The pressure gives to the hide a new grain on its surface.

Full Aniline leather, because of the way the dye it, it lets natural marks and finished scratches of the leather to be visible. It’s considered to be top quality leather.

All these hides are perfect for leather covers for chairs, tables, puffs,  leather sofas, carpet, armchairs, furniture, automotive and yacht interiors. They are also suitable for other purposes such as leather shoes and bags.

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