What is Nappa-Aniline leather?

Nappa-Aniline leather is typically a full-grain, unsplit leather. Made from  lamb, calf, or sheepskin. Full grain means that the skin surface is not modified apart from the removal of hair. Full grain leather is the most authentic type of leather because it keeps all of the texture from the original hide. That means that the leather retains most of its original textures and markings. It is very soft and pliable and easy to work with.
Many car owners prefer nappa leather for their car seats, because it has a softer and smoother quality. Overall, nappa car seats are more durable and easier to maintain.
Also, this product is very popular for furniture upholstery, clothing like jackets and gloves. Leathergoods such as wallets, briefcases, handbags or purses,shoes. Heavy-duty leather items such as holsters or utility belts.

Our Nappa leathers are high quality and come from the best Italian tanneries.

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