What is Lambskin and Goatskin leather?

Lamb leather, also known as lambskin, is one of the most commonly used types of leather. Sheep and goat skin leather is a soft, light weighted and strong type of leather. It is also durable as it is water resistant by its nature. Goatskin is a little less durable than lambskin, but both have the same feel.

Lambskin has a smooth and soft feeling, and it is extremely delicate type of leather. It becomes softer and smoother as it ages. Because of its feel it is used for premium quality leather garments and clothes.

Lambskin and goatskin need proper care to avoid stretching over time.

Many fashion designers use goatskin for making leather bags. The bags manufactured of goatskin are soft and flexible and no stiff at all. Just keep in mind to store leather or leather products to average invironment with no humidity and proper air flow so the leather can ”breath”.

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